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SK Hair Salon Bournemouth

Welcome to SK Hair, where the story of our founder Shelley's passion for hairdressing unfolds. From her formative experiences at the esteemed Toni & Guy to the creation of her very own salon, SK Hair embodies the dedication and expertise that only years of experience can bring.

About Shelley

At the young age of 14, Shelley embarked on a journey that would define her life's passion and career. It began with a pivotal work experience placement at the prestigious Toni & Guy during her tenth year in school. This formative period was more than just an introduction to hairdressing; it was the planting of a seed that would grow into a lifelong pursuit of beauty and creativity.

Shelley honed her skills for three years under the guidance of industry experts at Toni & Guy, absorbing the artistry and precision that hairdressing demands. Eager to expand her horizons, she then spent a year with Scissors in Bournemouth, further refining her techniques and personal style.

The allure of combining family heritage and professional ambition led Shelley to the next chapter of her career, working alongside her mother in a well-established hair salon in Christchurch. This experience was more than a job; it was a cherished opportunity to weave family values with professional growth.

Seeking adventure and the chance to spread her stylistic wings, Shelley ventured into the world of luxury travel, taking her talents to the high seas. She graced a six-star spa on a cruise ship with her expertise, offering clients a touch of elegance and pampering against the backdrop of the ocean's vast expanse.

With a wealth of experience and a heart full of dreams, Shelley returned from the waves to plant her roots firmly on land by opening her very own salon. SK Hair is not just a business; it is the embodiment of Shelley's dedication to her craft and her clients.

Shelley's philosophy is simple: creativity, conversation, and the celebration of beauty. At SK Hair, every snip and style is a stroke of creativity, every client is a friend in conversation, and every finished look is a tribute to the individual's unique beauty.

Join Shelley at SK Hair, where passion meets profession, and every visit is a step toward discovering your best, most beautiful self.